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Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (PVS)

Prof. Dr. Artur Andrzejak
Institute of Computer Science
Heidelberg University

Overview of the group

Welcome at the web pages of the Parallel and Distributed Systems research group (Arbeitsgruppe Parallele und Verteilte Systeme - PVS) at Institute of Computer Science of Heidelberg University. Our research targets complex and distributed software, in particular data analysis systems. We primarily focus on the following domains:

Artificial Intelligence for Programming

  • Code recommendations via deep learning
  • Program synthesis for data analysis
  • Code-to-code translation via learning approaches.

Efficient data processing and analysis

  • Domain Specific Languages and low-code approaches for data science
  • Algorithms and tools for scalable data wrangling/data processing
  • Cloud-based resource provisioning.

Software reliability

  • Testing of large-scale software, in particular of data analysis systems
  • Detection and isolation of latent and security-critical software defects (esp. software aging)
  • Diagnosis of configuration errors in complex software systems
  • Performance optimization of data-centric applications.

In our research we combine techniques from AI/machine learning, software engineering, and computer systems research.